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"What do our residents say about us?"

Ms Tan is grateful for the responsiveness of the Braddell Heights property team in attending to her concerns and their swiftness in removing a bee hive.

“On behalf of my family members and the residents of the area, I would like to express my gratitude to Marine Parade Town Council at Serangoon office for being such a great help and in doing so, it provided a pleasant and safe environment for the residents of Serangoon.”

Yours truly,
Tan Yu Xin
Ms Yvonne appreciates the efficiency of the staff and conservancy workers whom assisted in the arrangement and procedure in the removal of her fridge.

“We have previously request Marine Parade Town Council to send some workers over to my unit to remove a fridge.
The workers came over this afternoon and the fridge was removed.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the town council for the removal arrangement. The workers did a professional job in removing the bulky item.
Thank you very much and Happy New Year in advance!”
Yvonne Yau
Mr Tay wrote in to us to show his appreciation to Property Officer, Ms Ang Wan Xuan for the assistance rendered to resolve the matter at hand.

“I am writing in to thank Miss Ang from Marine Parade Town Council for her dedication and kind assistance which she rendered to get our water piping issue solved.

We deeply appreciate her responsiveness and commitment towards her work.

Thank you once again for her excellent service.”

Best regards,
Mr Tay
Mr Teo shows his appreciation to Property Officer, Mr Vincent Cao and his team for their responsiveness and for efficiently resolving the issues that were reported. 
“MPTC has been responsive and recently, Vincent and his team have been quick in resolving my noisy pipe issues. He had dealt with the issue professionally and knowledgeably.

I would like to thank Vincent and MPTC for a job well done.


Mr Teo Yenshing, Daniel
Mr Chen is grateful for Senior Property Officer, Mr Steven Chin who went the extra mile to ensure that he gets the right assistance to resolve the problem at hand. 
“Mr. Chin and his helper Kumar was quick to respond, and made multiple house calls to check on the situation. Mr. Chin also passed me a detailed list of phone numbers of other agency parties who may assist further. As the problem has affected my flat for a while now, it was relief to see his team on the case.”
Warm regards,
Chen Jieyun
Mr Selamat BMI shows his gratitude to Property Officer, Mr Adam for his positive work attitude and his dedication to ensure that the leakage in his kitchen is rectified. He also appreciates the efforts made by Conservancy Foreman, Mr Arif for providing excellent service to the residents in the neighbourhood.

“I am pleased to highlight to you regarding Mr Adam Liew’s professional work attitude as he was always approachable and communicated in a pleasant mannerism.”

“I would also like to highlight the positive and friendly work attitude of your maintenance staff Mr Arif and his team for keeping the neighbourhood clean. Mr Arif is always friendly and ready to assist. Mr Arif was always around when I needed his assistance.”
Best regards,
Selamat BMI
Mr O O K N appreciates the efforts made by Property Officer, Mr Vishal for handling his leaking ceiling/pipe problem with excellent service and proficiency.


Today I have the good fortune to be served by your Officer, Mr Vishal Anand, in the handling of my leaking ceiling/pipe problem

He is earnest, kind, polite, patient and truly knowledgeable in his field of work.

This is the type of Officer that will definitely promote and enhance the good name of the Town Council. Kudos!!! There should be more like him. 

Thanks and best regards,
Madam Goh is grateful to Assistant Property Manager, Mr Ismail for his swiftness in attending to her concerns of unwanted bulky items being disposed at the lift lobby.


Thank you for the fast and efficient response. Greatly appreciated. 

Madam Goh
Mr Rizan Hassan is thankful to Property Manager, Ms Michelle for acting on his feedback on a defective lamp post.

Thank you Miss Michelle. It has been few weeks now. It's all back to normal. All bright. No more flickering. Well done. 

Rizan Hassan