Our Community / Announcements / Lift Replacement Programme in Marine Parade Town

Our Town Council is progressively replacing old HDB lifts with new and modern ones within Marine Parade Town to provide residents and visitors with a safer and smoother ride. The replacement is carried out for lifts in the estate that reached their expected lifespan of 28 years, or for chronic lifts.


How does the Lift Replacement Programme (LRP) benefit our residents?

As old lifts reach the expected lifespan, the breakdown rate is higher and parts become obsolete.

The new and modern lifts provide better security and energy efficiency with the following enhanced features:

  • Energy-efficient motors
  • Vision panels
  • Infra-red doors with motion safety sensors for added energy efficiency, safety, and security

With this replacement, we hope that it would bring greater convenience in the long run.


As the Town Council strives to bring about better lift performance for the benefit of all residents under the LRP, we also seek residents' understanding and co-operation to make minor adjustments in their daily lives during the course of works.

Should residents require any assistance during the course works, they may contact the Town Council at Tel: 1800-241 6487 (Main Office) or 1800-287 6530 (Serangoon Branch Office).

For more information on the LRP, please feel free to write to us at internet@mptc.org.sg or call us at any of our hotlines.